The Camellias of Southern Cedars

This painting by artist Jerry McWilliams was painted for his wife, Kay. The camellia bushes are at least 60 to 70 years old, very large and stand in the front yard of their home, Southern Cedars. The circa 1834 antebellum home was originally known as the Granberry Plantation. The artist, knowing his wife loved the flowers, would pick the camellias, still heavy with dew, early in the morning and bring them to her. She would always arrange them in her mother's antique cranberry rose bowl. Someone who saw the original wanted it as a gift for a relative. The McWilliams not eager to part with the painting finally gave in. The original now hangs in a specially constructed niche in a home in Arizona with the entire room decorated around the painting.

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Jerry McWilliams, Artist
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