Jefferson Davis, with his dog, Traveler, at Beauvoir

This portrait of Confederate President Jefferson Davis shows Davis seated in the library cottage with his constant companion, his dog, Traveler. This is where Davis wrote The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. McWilliams lived at Beauvoir during the time he was working on the painting. He had access to Davis' clothes, a lock of his hair, his death mask and his books during this time. He was also allowed to use the cottage library. Davis loved the peace and quiet at Beauvoir as he and Traveler walked the beaches and enjoyed the shade of the great old live oak trees.

The original painting hangs in the new Jefferson Davis Presidential Library at Beauvoir, Biloxi, Mississippi. The dog in the painting has always been a great favorite of the children as they tour Beauvoir. In 1974 Jerry donated a painting to Beauvoir titled, Jefferson Davis with the Battle Flag. It is displayed in the Presidential Library beside the Great Seal of the Confederacy. Story tag included.



Jerry McWilliams, Artist
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