The Old Grist Mill

The Old Grist Mill - Grand Gulf Military State Park This painting of the Grist Mill, the Water Wheel, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the Dog Trot House give viewers and visitors to the Military Park a feeling of life in earlier times. The efforts of Bill Lum is appreciated by those who find satisfaction in saving the past. Mr. Lum was instrumental in assembling the above structures on this site and was also the one responsible for the restoration of many of the historic structures in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

Grand Gulf State Military Park was founded in 1958 for the purpose of preserving two Civil War Batteries, Fort Wade and Fort Cobun, in addition to the Grand Gulf town site. Grand Gulf, Mississippi was named by French settlers who came to the area early in the 1700s. Grand Gulf became a very important shipping center because it was located on the Mississippi River. Today the Mississippi River flows only a few hundred yards from the Military Park. There is only a limited number of these prints left as the majority burned in a fire in Port Gibson, Mississippi. Story tag included.


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