Vicksburg Mississippi From Sky Parlor Hill 1863.

This view of Vicksburg, Mississippi shows the early days of the siege, with flowers blooming and birds singing. The citizens visited Sky Parlor Hill daily to watch the battle in the distance. There they discussed the folly of the Union Army attempting to conquer Vicksburg. The Old Court House Museum is seen in the distance where McWilliams' life-size portrait of Gen. John C. Pemberton, the defender of Vicksburg, now hangs. The U.S.S. Cincinnati, crippled by Confederate cannons, burns in the river. The citizens of Vicksburg had no idea at that time the trials and tribulations that awaited them in the weeks to come. This print has been shown many times on the History Channel. Story tag included.


Jerry McWilliams, Artist
Southern Heritage Productions, Inc.
"Southern Cedars"
1357 Kimbell Road
Terry, Mississippi  39170

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